Cajun Dance Party - The Hill The View And The Lights tab


relly easy stuff this!!!! sounds complicated but theres like 3 parts in it so its all good.
p.s i think the timing is 3/4, that or 6/8 im not sure but i dont think its 4/4 !!!

100% correct!!!!

Chords used:
Gm, F, Bb, Am, G#, D#

1st VERSE: (This is the only tab i know of the song, sorry!!!) Gm F Bbe|---------------|--------|-----|B|---------------|--------|-----|G|----3---3-3-33-|--2-2-2-|-77--|D|--5--5-5-5--55-|-3-3-33-|-88--|A|---------------|--------|-----|E|---------------|--------|-----|
VERSE Gm F Bb High up in the sky Gm F Bb I will go flying Gm F Bb The lights that catch my eye Gm F Bb They keep me flying Bb - Am - Gm ...pause Bb - G# - Gm (let ring) VERSE (SAME AS BEFORE) High up in the sky Romance fills my eyes The tears that come alive They keep me flying High up in the sky Sunlight burns my eyes, But Iíll keep on breathing, But Iíll keep on flying Gm (let ring) - D# (let ring) POWERFUL EPIC BIT: (PLAY THIS PART WITH 5TH STRING ROOT CHORDS I.E Gm ON THE 10TH FRET AND SO ON.) Gm F Wishing I could take you here to feel the same feelings Bb Understand my thoughts about the sun, Gm F About the lights, About the way you can try to share my lights and frights, Bb Walking up the hill Gm F I feel the gritty city shadow urging me on Bb Urging me on Gm F Walking up the hill Walking up the hill Urging me on Bb Urging me on Gm F Iíve forced myself to see further than the clouds would let see more Bb clearly Gm F The horizon light in the way In the way Restricted romance in the way Bb In the way Gm But I am walking up Climbing to the top F Bb Flying to the hill, the view Gm and the lights F Bb The hill, the view and the lights Gm,F,Bb x 4 (same as verse chords untill the end) High up in the sky In the colourful life My light will reappear When they keep it on To hear my songs end on Gm.!!!!
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