Cake - Bound Away chords

Bound Away
Showroom of Compassion

GI'm an unknown individual in an unattended car
C D GHey, welcome to Chicago or wherever you are
GNew York to London, Barcelona to Berlin
C D GSacramento, California, we are leaving again
G CAway, away, away, away
G D GAway, I'm bound away
Seeing as this song is very simple, I figure you can play along to the rest it without any problem. So here are the rest of the lyrics: I'm circling, I'm swiveling, I'm waiting just to land I'm trying to come home, but I'm here with the band Traveling, unraveling, I'm staying on track My plastic utensil has broken in half Away, away, away, away Away, I'm bound away There's low visibility, gusty wind and rain My carry-on luggage is still on the plane Seconds turn to minutes, minutes turn to hours Hours give you a lifetime and a grave with pink flowers Away, away, away, away Away, I'm bound Away, away, away, away Away, I'm bound away Away, I'm bound Away
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