Cake – Daria chords

Daria by Cake

Intro: strum muted strings

Em AmWhen you tried to kiss me
Em AmI only bit your tongue
Em Amwhen you tried to get me together
C Em B7I only came undone
Em AmWhen you tried to tell me
Em Amthe one for me was you
Em Am C B7 I was in your mattress back in 1982
C G Bb FDaria, I won't be soothed
C G Bb FDaria, I won't soothed
Gover like smoothed
C Gover like milk, silk,
C Ga bedspread or a quilt,
C Gicing on a cake
C Gor a serene translucent lake
C G C G C GDaria, Daria, yeah Daria
C GI won't be soothed
Bb F Em I won't be soothed
when you tried to tell me of all the love you had I was cleaning oil from beaches seeing only what was bad when you tried to feed me I only shut my mouth food got on your apron and you told me to get out Daria, I won't be soothed Daria yeah, I won't soothed over like smoothed over like milk, silk, a bedspread or a quilt, icing on a cake or a serene translucent lake Daria, Daria, Daria, Daria yeah, Daria, yeah Daria yeah I won't be soothed I won't be soothed
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