Cake - Symphony In C tab

There?s NOTHING for this great song on the net, so I figured I?d tab it.
This is the work of my teacher and I, so don?t touch it. Or else?
If you DO wanna get a hold of me, you can write at

Cake-Symphony in C

Intro: Dm Dm

      Bb F Bb F
?defies all earthly?
Dm Am Dm F/C G Bb F Bb
F C/E Dm G C (x2)
Dm Am Dm F/C G Bb F Bb F (for the weird strumming during this verse, just hit the top string of the chord 
the bottom ones repeatedly)
Dm Am Dm F/C G Bb F Bb Bb

F C/E   Dm G   G G
F C/E   Dm G   C C
F C/E   Dm G   C

E---------------------------------------------------------------10-8----------13------12----10-------|B----------1-3-1p0--------------------------------5-6-8-10-----------10-------10-----10--------------|G--3-2-3------------3-2-----3--2---------7-5-7-----------------------10-------10-----10--------------|D--------------------------3--3--2-------------------------------------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|(for the solo during the outro, just repeat those last few notes)And there it is. Not too hard?.but effective.
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