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Date: Thu, 8 Feb 1996 16:02:13 -0800 (PST)
From: Ron Heley 
Subject: TAB: I Like That About Pot by Cakestar (fwd)

"I Like That About Pot"
Cakestar   (by Ron Heley, Kris Stroop, Teri Stroop)


A E G A (4x)

D A E A (2x)
D                  A
We first met on a stormy night
 E                            A
You worked at Fred Meyer and I got in a fight
 D                          A
I bought some socks and you liked my rocks
 E                                A
I thought I came in your mouth but I was peeing

A               E+           F#m            F#m
You laughed so hard that you shit on the floor
A   E+    F#m  F#m
Oh, Nova, oh
A   E+     F#m  F#m
Why do we love?
A   E+    F#m   F#m
Oh, Nova, oh
A   E+    F#m   F#m
Why do you love?

D A E A (2x)

Verse:  (chords same as before)

We fell in love I was your man

I thought you could make me understand

I punched your father and knocked him out

He came to me in a dream



G / G / D /D Dsus4 D/ (2x)

G       /    G           /D         /D Dsus4 D
The sunlight was laughing in my mouth
G             /G                /D           /D Dsus4 D
You shook your head and then you pointed south
G   /G         /D             /D Dsus4 D
The corn is done, eat your pie
G   /G      /D         /D Dsus4 D
Evil danger is on sale, don't ask why

A/ G/ D/D  Dsus4 D/


D         A      E       A      D        A

Verse: Marijuana was your trip You came to me and licked me on the hip You once said, "I drink wood." What the hell does that mean? Chorus Outro: D A (over and over) ad lib vocals about shitting on the floor Preceeding the intro is four measures of muting the strings. The intro is one guitar alone with barre chords and the last two times through with the second guitar accompanying with open chords. Both guitars play together (except of course the solo) through the whole song. The D and D sus4 part is just playing around with your little finger on the e string.
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