Cale J J - After Midnight tab

Tabbed by Fredrik Koller Lund (

AFTER MIDNIGHT from "Naturally" (1st album):
Key: D

INTRO: h h------------------------------------------------3--------------------3-------------------2----4---4-----------2----4---4----------4----5-7-5-----------4----5-7-5-----5---------5---5------5---------5---5--------------------------------------------
This riff is played twice, and then J.J. starts singing:
Af - ter mid-night Riff 2 F G D (play riff2 twice)---1----1---1------3---------3---3--------|----------------------1----1---1------3---------3---3--------|----1----1---0--------2----2---2------4---------4---4--------|----2----2---0--2--------------------------------------------|-0-----0---0------4------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------|------------------- we're gon-na let it all___ hang out gon-na shake your tam - bour - ine
D F G------------------------------|-1-----1--1------3--------3--3-----3----3---------3--3----3--|-1-----1--1------3--------3--3-----2----2---------2--2----2--|-2-----2--2------4--------4--4-----4----4---------4--4----4--|-----------------------------------5----5---------5--5----5--|-------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------- Af-ter mid©night we're gon-na chug-a-lug & it's gon-na be peaches and
(In the following, strike chords only at the chord letters. 2nd verse coincides with 1st wherever only one line is typed) * D (repeat riff twice) | D D D-D D | | | shout we're gon-na |cause talk and suspicion | cream | | F F F-F F | G G G-G G | | | give an ex-hi-bi-tion |find out what it is all a-|? ™ ** A A A-A A-A | D D D-D D | | | bout. | Af-ter mid- night, | F F - F G G-G | D (riff2 twice)| | | we're gon - na let it all___ hang| out. | D D D-D D| (1. Return to F on line 3) | (2. solo starts) Af-ter mid - night | The solo is fairly basic and follows the progression of the verse (2 times). I'm not typing it in, 'cause you should be able to get it off the record. If not: improvise! OUTRO: N.C. |(Return to '*', repeat & fade part after '**') | We're gon-na |
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