Calexico - The News About William tab

CALEXICO - The News About William

AM              C                   AM                   
4 in the morning the sidewalk's asleep
AM              C
Dogs on the porch,
C                 G
Spiders on the leaf
G                  DM                  AM
Shipwrecked by night sailing through days
AM            E               AM
Nobody noticed the slipping away

AM              C                       AM
Connecting the dots with thorns in his side
AM                 C                        G
Boarded up the Windows with pain and with pride
G                   DM                  AM
The music box broken that once was his soul
AM                  E                   AM
Its sad little song spinning out of control

G                   C                       G                        
Then came the storm that washed the roads out
G                   C                         G
Closed both his eyes and pointed straight south
G               DM                  AM
Second line drums marched into the sea
AM                  E                 AM
While the clouds overhead cried "mutiny"
AM                  E                 AM
They parted for Cathy and her bitter news
AM                  DM              AM
As her words fail and the sky grew dim
AM                  E                 AM
Recalled how close to that exit l've been

C             AM   C                   AM
Ours not to reply, ours not to reason why
C                    G
The news about William
F                   C
The lifeline retreats
F               AM
Desire for release
The thorns in his side
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