Calexico – Epic chords

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Calexico - Epic -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Album : Algiers (2012)Tempo : 82E-mail: gwendal.mollo@orange.frTabbed by: newg
Live version : E7sus2/F# : xx4430 Bm/F# : xx4432 G/F# : xx4433 Dsus4 : xx0233 Dsus2 : xx0230 Bm : x24432 and 799777 Bsus4 : 799977 Variation of the Bm and the D. Bm/F# with some variations : G/F# and finish with E7sus2/F# D with some variations Dsus4 and finish with Dsus2 [Intro] Bm Bm D D
Bm DNights we hide between the walls
Bm Dvoices leading on the ground.
G AArms reaching out,
Em G Bmhoping for the chance to start.
[Bm Bsus4 x4]
G AHearts holding out
Em Gwaiting for the bells to.
Bm DBring my words to all of you
Bm Dand, and if they ever hear my voice, Hold me in your
G Athoughts laid out
D Gtwisted in defense,
Em G BmHoping for the chance to start
Bm Bsus4 x4
G AHearts holding out
Em Gwaiting for the bells to
Bm DSend my love to all my friends
Bm Dand if I never make it back
Bm DTo hold you in my arms again
Bmnot letting go this time
Bm Bsus4 x4 Bm
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