Callalily – Trapped Inside The Moment tab

Title: Trapped Inside The Moment
Artist: Callalily
Album: Fisheye
Chords by: Mark Jesson Galera

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        This is the new song of Callalily from their new album      
                Kung may mali man,..pakicomment kaagad..tnx!

Intro: C#m-E-B-A
 C#m           B                       A
Give me your hand and all of your attention
I don’t wanna lose this feeling
Now I’m trapped inside the moment.
C#m    B              A        B
Why do we have to go back to reality?

Now we say goodbye.
I scream inside my head.
As we try to hold the tears back
While we slowly walk away
C#m         B         A          B    
Don’t look back Just look for tomorrow

 E           B                    C#m        
And I wanna say that this will last forever. 
And I want to be so, But it’s impossible
E             B                       C#m
And I wanna hear that this will last forever not, in our memories
But forever in our hearts. 

Don’t you heart the phone and all of my apologies?
Forget about the sunrise creeping up on yesterday

C#m     B       A      B
Please don’t let us disappear…

Intro: C#m-E-B-A


When your lying in your bedroom and staring at you ceiling
You remember what it feels like bringing back old moments

C#m                       B                                  A     
Would you break down and cry? Would you smile and close your eyes?
Would you put up another one?
Would you forget about me the sunrise?
C#m                     B
We can never bring it back
A                      B
Cause we will never bring it.

Give me your hand and all of you attention
I don’t wanna lose this feeling now 
I’m trapped inside this moment
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