Callalily - Inside My Heart tab

Title: Inside My Heart
Artist: Callalily
Album: Fisheye
Chords by: Mark Jesson Galera

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        This is the new song of Callalily from their new album      
                Kung may mali man,..pakicomment kaagad..tnx!

Tuning: Standard

Intro Em-D-C-D

Em                D             C
Iím bothered with the way you talk to me
With the way you move

Em                       D                C
And you whispered but I didnít hear a thing
Cause you donít say it clear an
 Em                  D    
Cause I know youíre in doubt
But you canít scream and shout
And you know that I hate it


Can you answer these questions:
G      (D)                      C    
Do you want to live inside my heart?
G      (D)                       C
Would you cry with me into the dark?


Em           D                            C
Hey, look at me, canít you see that Iím serious?
That I love you so?
 Em             D
Come closer, please
Donít be afraid to risk
Eveyrthing on me
Em                    D            
Cause I wonít let you down
          C                           D
I wonít spin you around and Iím sure that Iím so sure

Repeat chorus:

Adlib:G-D/F#-C 2x
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