Callejon - Sommer Liebe Kokain tab

I'm sorry that this sounds kinda crappy cause i play guitar since ~1year and 8 months 
and i had no guitar lessons^^ -----------i hope somebody will tab this song in full 
length----------- =)

This is the bridge or somethin' (i guess(i really don't know anything about music haha 
xD)) you'll notice what part it is when you listen to it :) and it sounds really great!

also you can play muted 0 notes on the string before the notes(the lower one) to make it 
sound better but then you have to play faster :D (muted notes only between the normal notes)

E |-------------------|-------------------------------------------------|B |-------------------|-------------------------------------------------|G |-------------------|-------------------------------------------------|D |--|--14.------15.---------14.---------15.-----------|A |-------------------|-------------------------------------------------|E |-------------------|-------------------------------------------------|
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