Callie Moore - Zen Garden tab

~~~~~~~ This is my first ever tab so its a little basic  ~~~~~~~~~~~

It took me a good hour or so to work it out, tab it out ,and do the lyrics (the 
lyrics were the easy part). 

strum *pluck*e||-----------------------------------------------------|B||------8-------------------8--------------------------|G||------8-------------------8--------------------------|D||------7----------------------------------------------|A||------8----------------------------------------------|E||---------------------8-------------------------------|
BREAKDOWN strum these chords
LYRICS In another life I was the beautiful sky and my world a perfect circle of sun, sand and water And I was happy there tranquillity was in the air until the sand began to drift and it started to rain What an unthinkable sin i let him in i let him in and in another life he was a hurricane He tried to swallow me into his raging angry sea but little did he know the power of the infinite me And hes not there any more Don't try to sell me that story of your courage and glory I have heard it all before but its an allegory You left me feeling mislead and beheaded by the newfound king of this pretended interlectual thing# Called love or something I know one thing nothings ever quite what it seems Your lovely pictures just a frame or ficticious araingement of the wishes you made on the stars in my sky But baby i dont care anymore Your skin is all the deeper that the tangent of your intellect swims And the brimn of your heart on your mouth where you lips will beg steal or borrow their sin from me You stole my serenity you dirty little thief you were the sun and the earth to me but now i see that in The scheme of things the bigger plan maybe you should understand You're just a grain of sand in my zen garden Id wreck you under the rocks everyday and in a beautifl way it takes all my worries away Why are you standing here i shouldnt have to say any more ~~~~~ Hope this helped :) ~~~~~~~~~~
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