Calling – Anything Acoustic tab


THIS IS 100% ACCURATE! This song is basically about obsession with a girl! this version
was played by alex band in the MYX performance in Tokyo, Japan. This is a great piece
from a great artist. i want to dedicate this  tremendous song to ms. Hericka Joy Delfin
although i know that she wont get involved with this!! but im not obsess though!

Tuning: standard tuning


e|-----------0*-------0*----------0*----------0*------0--------------|B|---------0*--------0*---------5-----------0*-------0---------------|G|--------1---------2---------6-----------4---------2----------------|D|------2--------- 2--------6-----------4----------2-----------------|A|----2----------0--------4-----------2-----------0------------------|E|--0----------------------------------------------------------------|
CHORDS USED DURING VERSE: E2 A2 C#m B9 A9e|---0------0------0-----0-----0-------------------------------------|B|---0------14-----5-----0-----0-------------------------------------|G|---13-----14-----6-----4-----2-------------------------------------|D|---14-----14-----6-----4-----2-------------------------------------|A|---14-----0------4-----2-----0-------------------------------------|E|---0---------------------------------------------------------------|
E A C#m B9 e|----0----0---0---0-------------------------------------------------|B|----0----0---0---0-------------------------------------------------|G|----1----2---6---4-------------------------------------------------|D|----2----2---6---4-------------------------------------------------|A|----2----0---4---2-------------------------------------------------|E|----0--------------------------------------------------------------|
E2 I will be there A2 Always waiting E2 Waiting for you A2 To let me inside E2 Where your fire burns A2 In a city of angels C#m B9 A9 Just like a river rushing straight into the sea C#m B9 A9 I'm the one thing meant for you and you for me [CHORUS:] E Whatever you want A Whatever you need C#m B9 A9 Whatever it takes, I'll do anything (DO THE VERSE'S CHORDS) And as you sleep Eyes to the window I'm watching you dream Well are you dreaming of me? So why can't you see You're all that matters You know if this earth should crack I'll be your solid ground I will be there to catch you when you fall down [CHORUS] (DO CHORDS SAME AS CHORUS) If I have to crawl Get down on my knees Whatever it takes, I'll go anything (BRIDGE) A C#m B9 I'd take the stars right out of the sky for you A C#m B9 I'd end the world give you the sun, the moon A C#m E For all of time, forever loving you *************************************************************************** thats all buddy!!!! enjoy!!! godbless!!! suggestions/comments?!! always play with your heart!!!!
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