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Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 16:33:10 -0800 (PST)
From: "M. Schweisthal" 
Subject: CRD: "Where My Love Grows" by Calobo

"Where My Love Grows" from the Calobo album "Runnin' in the River"
Brought to you by:  Mike Schweisthal (

Notes:  My dad actually figured out the chords to this one.  The lyrics
are my best effort. Great tune with interesting main rhythm part (listen
to the CD to match my chords up with the sound of the song...)  A '|'
denotes a measure break.  Also, there is a section in the middle (marked
with a '*') where I'm not too sure about the chords.  Enjoy!

Chords Used:

A:	X02220
D:	XX0232
E:	022100

Intro:	| A | D | A | E (tacet) | A | D | A E | A D A (tacet) |

  A			 D
Phone call rings in the middle of the night
    A			     E
I think I got a lover on the end of the line
A				D
And I hear the words, but they don't come out right
A				E	   A
And I begin to wonder:  "hey, is this goodbye?"  And she says:

		  D				      A
	CHORUS:  Look through the clouds to see that sunlight
	  D			  A
	Step on the petals of my rose...(my rose, yeah, yeah)
	D				A
	And in the sun you'll find my love light
		    A   E (tacet)
	And you'll find
			| A | D | A E | A D A (tacet) |
	Where my love grows

	 A				  D
Well, I turn on my love light, can't you see it shine on you?
	A			  E
In the past, it's all that I can do
	A			  D
And I write you a love song, but you don't understand
	A			     E		   A
Baby, tell me how long it takes for me to be your man...

And she said:


* (this next section is where I'm not so sure on the chords!)

		    E    D (tacet)	   | A | A |
	And you'll find. . .where my love grows
		    E    D (tacet)	   | A | A |
	And you'll find. . .where my love grows
		    E    D (tacet)
	And you'll find
			| A | D | A E | A D A (tacet) |
	Where my love grows

	  A			    D
Yes, and some people ask about the birds and the bees
	     A			E
'Cause they don't know how to play
     A			    D
Yes, and I am begging you, Mother Nature, please
	   A		E	     A D A (tacet)
Won't you tell me the right words to say. . .And she said:

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