Calvin Harris – Im Not Alone tab

		        I'm Not Alone - Calvin Harris
Tabbed by: Antisback

My take on this amazing song by Calvin Harris, not exactly originally played on
guitar but it works imo 

Tuning: Standard


1 s e s 2 s e s 3 s e s 4 s e s 1 s e s 2 s e s 3 s e s 4 s e s e||-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------||B||-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------||G||---4-------4-------4------/7-------|---2-------2-------2-------0-------||D||-------2-------2-------2-------5---|-------0-------0-------0-------0---||A||-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------||E||-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------||
1 s e s 2 s e s 3 s e s 4 s e s 1 s e s 2 s e s 3 s e s 4 s e s e||-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------||B||-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------||G||---4-----4-----7-----7-----9-------|-----------------9-----7-----2-----||D||-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------||A||---2-----2-----5-----5-----7-------|-----------------7-----5-----0-----||E||-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------||
The other verses play a kind of variation on the chorus riff so if you wanted to play the chorus riff through the verses that works. The chorus is the same throughout | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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