Camel - Song Within A Song tab version 2


IntroPlay This Section 3 Times Bm A Fm# G A [---------------|---------------|---------|---------3-------|--------5------][-------3---2---|-------0-------|-----2---|-----------3-----|----------5----][-----4---4---4-|------------6--|-------2-|-----4-------4---|-----6------6--][---4-----------|-----7---7---7-|---4-----|---5---5-------5-|---7---7------7][-2-------------|---7-----------|---------|-----------------|---------------][---------------|-5-------------|-2-------|-3---------------|-5-------------]
Fm# Bm G Bm A[---------2-------|-------------|--3--|--2--|--5--][-----------2-----|-------3---2-|--3--|--3--|--5--][-----4-------2---|-----4---4---|--4--|--4--|--6--][---4---4-------4-|---4---------|--5--|--4--|--7--][-----------------|-2-----------|--5--|--2--|--7--][-2---------------|-------------|--3--|--2--|--5--]
------------------------------------------------------------- flute Guitar With Flanger D G D G D G D G D G D G A Bm ------------------------------------------------------------- 1st Verse --------- G Bm The sun has left the sky A Bm Now you can close your eyes A Bm G Leave All the world behind until tomorrow G Bm The dream is like a song A Bm It leads you on and on A Bm G The piper plays his tune so you must follow ------------------------------------------------------------- Flute D G D G D G D G D G D G A Bm ------------------------------------------------------------- 2nd Verse --------- G Bm So far beyond the sky A Bm Not knowing how or why A Bm G You realize this feeling is forever G Bm And though another day A Bm May steal your dreams away A Bm G You and the song will always stay together --------------------------------------------------------------- INSTRUMENTAL ------------ D D
[----Heavy Guitar-----|-------------------][--------------p------|-------------------][------p--7---5-4---7-|------p--7---5-4---]X12[---4-5-4---7-----7---|---4-5-4---7-----7-][-5-------------------|-5-----------------][---------------------|-------------------]
------------------------------------------------------------------ Fast Strumming -------------- G Fm# X4 TIMES Play Twice G A G A ------------------------------------------------------------------ D G D G D G D G D G D
Play This Fast Picking With The Chords[---------------|---------------][---7---7---7---|---3---3---3---][--7---7---7----|--4---4---4----][-7---7---7---7-|-5---5---5---5-][---------------|---------------][---------------|---------------]
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