Camera Obscura – Number One Son tab

Tabbed by: Javier E. Lopez & Joseph E. Campos

h = hammer on

p = pull off

/ = slide

~ = let it ring


Chords: A - D Took a walk in the park for a laugh, we drank sparkling wine Oh yeah, it was dark, trees could not be identified The girl you were with, did she have you on your knees? I shut my mouth, my ears I don't want to hear you, please Now you're skipping school, going to listen to records Wrapped up in mohair dissing your elders Dip a chocolate finger, take a sip from my cup Remember what dad said "button your lip" You've got to toughen up for him He's the kind who will do you in I should know that it's no fun You will never be number one Number one son God I've tried to help but I think I just hinder Ask a better girl could she ever be kinder Love, unlike lightning, can strike you twice I don't know much, please take my advice You've got to toughen up for him He's the kind who will do you in I should know that it's no fun You will never be Number one Number one son Strings solo (transcribed for guitar):
E|---------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------|G|----------7-7--7--6-6--6--4-4--4--6-6--6--2---2~---| (4x) D|--7-7--7-------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------|
E|---------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------|G|----4-6--4-6--4-6~---6-7--6-7--6-7~----------------| (4x) D|---------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------|
End with: A
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