Camera Obscura - Shine Like A New Pin tab

Shine Like a New Pin - Camera Obscura

Intro: C  F  (x 2) C

C            F                  C                F
Girl with a thick skin made you shine like a new pin
Why smother urges which belong under dresses?
Do you wish that you could only start again,
learn to like and be pedestrian?
If all your wishes in the world come true
You'd be as good as new
You'd be as good as new

C          F                       C           F
What can I say that will make them jump to my defence?
I value honesty, i could never pretend
Crest fallen boys are boring
I don't know which way im going anymore
I can't be sure

During the little solo here in the middle you play just the same C F thing, except 
part of it you switch and play F C.

F            C                   F       C
Girl with a thick skin made you shine        (Repeat 4 times)

Then just play F C until the end of the song.

There. If you can improve on this any, feel free to tell me!
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