Camp Kill Yourself - Disengage The Simulator tab

Yo Yo Yo, this is Disengage by Foreign Objects, its fairly easy so lets get going.

Tuning: Step down

*=palm muting (pretty much the only technique needed)

Main Riff

e----------------------------|b----------------------------|g----------------------------|d------4------4---3----------| 2xa-----4------4-4-1-4---------|E-2222---2222----------------| **** ****
e----------------------------|b----------------------------|g----------------------------|d------4-4-6-6-----6-6-8-8---| 2xa--6-6---------4-4-----------|E----------------------------| * * * *
Repeat those twice Then Main riff stays the same but the bit after changes to this
e------------------------------------------------------|b------------------------------------------------------|g------------------------------6-6-8-8-----8-8-10-10---|d------4-4-6-6-----6-6-8-8-8-8---------6-6-------------|a--6-6---------4-4-------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------------| * * * * * * * *
(Try not to mute too hard on the higher notes cos it will sound crap) Riff 2
e------------------------------|b------------------------------|g-------------------------9-9--| 4xd-----4-2-----7-6-------6------|a-4-4-----4/7-----9-6-7--------|E-2-2--------------------------|
At the end of the 4th time there is a little bit
Not to sure of the rest ill work on it email if you want to critiicize (not that ill care) laters
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