Camper Van Beethoven - Axe Murder Song chords

Artist:	Camper Van Beethoven
Song:	Axe Murderer Song
Album:  Vantiquities
Tuning:	Standard, Capo 3

  [Em7] [Em7] [Em7] [Em7]

  [G] Why do [C] lovers park [Am] down deserted [D] lanes? [D] [D]
  Near [G] haunted [C] houses and [Am] homes for the [D] insane? [D] [D]
  Like a [Am] deformed [D] son who was [G] locked in a [C] shed [C]
  [Am] Later es-[D]-caped when he [G] chopped off their [C] heads [C] [C]

  [G] Why do [C] axe murderers [Am] only [D] attack [D] [D]
  When you're [G] partially [C] nude or you're [Am] taking a [D] bath [D] [D]
  [Am] Tho there are [D] times I feel [G] softer than [C] most [C] [C]
  [Am] Somedays like [D] yogurt & [G] some days like [C] toast [C] [C]

  [Em7] [Em7] [Em7] [Em7]

  [G] Sorority [C] girls and [Am] fraternity [D] boys [D] [D]
  [G] Always de-[C]-flowered. They're [Am] rich and they're [D] spoiled [D] [D]
  So we [Am] never feel [D] bad when Aunt [G] Jenny, who's [C] dead [C] [C]
  [Am] Surprises them [D] lying on [G] her wedding [C] bed [C] [C]

  When we're [G] making [C] love now, I [Am] feel so ex-[D]-posed [D] [D]
  [G] Might you im-[C]-pale me or [Am] turn into [D] those [D] [D]
  [Am] Creatures that [D] feed on the [G] flesh of the [C] living [C] [C]
  They [Am] hide in the [D] corn between [G] June & Thanks-[C]-giving [C] [C]

  [Am] Why do axe [D] murderers [G] only at-[Em]-tack when we're 
  [Cm] Making love... [Cm] [Cm] [Cm]

  [Am] Why do axe [D] murderers [G] only at-[Em]-tack when we're
  [Cm] Partially nude [Cm] [Cm] or [Cm] taking a 
  [G] Bath.

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