Camper Van Beethoven – Good Guys And Bad Guys tab

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From: (Keith Spurgeon)

	"Good Guys and Bad Guys"
     by Camper van Beethoven  (1986)
   from the LP / CD _the_third_album_
     Pitch-A-Tend  CD PITCH 02
     [This CD includes the EP  _Vampire_Can_Mating_Oven_]

The repeated motif (usually carried by the organ
and/or fiddle) can be played on the guitar as

VERSE [A]There are[D] good guys and there are[E] bad guys [A] And there are [D] crooks and criminals [E] [A] And there are [D] doctors and there are [E] lawyers [A] And there are [D] folks like you and me [E] CHORUS [D] So just get high while the radio's on [A] [E] [D] And just relax and sing a song [A] [E] [D] And drive your car up on the lawn [A] [E] And let me [D] play your gui [E] tar SECOND VERSE This here verse is for the people in Russia Though it is a long long ways away They couldn't hear this song in Russia Or couldn't understand the words anyway REPEAT CHORUS iNSTRUMENTAL VERSE (CHEESY ORGAN AND VIOLIN LEAD) THIRD VERSE So Just be glad you live in America Just relax and be yourself 'Cause if you didn't live here in America You'd probably live somewhere else Repeat Chorus Repeat instrumental verse Instrumental verse (mandolin and violin) fade out Transcribed by Keith Spurgeon
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