Candid Daydream – Adam Grays Last Words tab

- Ryan Mackie

This is the exact way they play the song, I live in liverpool, Candid's hometown, and
everyone around here knows it like used to be on the band's site...but the
site has been down for a while :(


There's nothing else to say... Take it Away....
----11---9-------- ----0---0---|----12---9---9---- ----0---0---|----13---9---9---- ----1---3---|----13---9---9---- ----2---4---|----11---9---x---- ----2---4---|----11---9---9---- ----0---0---|
Bridge it a lot and you'll get it
---4---2--(2)-(4)---4----6---0---0--|---4---2---4---6----5----7---0---0--|---4---3---4---6----4----6---1---3--| (X2)---6---4---4---6---(6)--(8)--2---4--|---6---4---2---4---(4)--(6)--2---4--|--(4)--x---x---x----x----x---0---0--|
(E) listen to the song...most of the time he puts X where he normally has the 0 9 0 9 1 9 2 7 2 X 0 but thats if you really care :P Thats about it, just listen to the song and you'llknow which parts go where.
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