Candlebox – Vulgair Before Me tab

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Vulgair before me by the great CANDLEBOX
Once again tabbed out by the great BAZZY

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Okay in my opinion this is the best song of this great album
it's pretty easy! basicly two chords! I think it sounds best
if you slide between the chords (without strumming)

chords used:e|-0-|-0-|B|-0-|-0-|G|-3-|-6-|D|-4-|-7-|A|-4-|-7-|E|-2-|-5-|
strumming pattern that keeps being repeated throughout the entire song:(there are some variations!)e|-----0---|-------0--------------|-----0---|---|B|-------0-|---------0------------|-------0-|---|G|---------|-------------6---6----|---------|-6-|D|---4-----|-----7-----7---7---7\-|---4-----|-7-|A|-4-------|-7-7------------------|-4-------|-7-|E|-2-------|-5--------------------|-2-------|-5-|
The pattern varies throughout the song i can't really tab it out (too much work i'm lazy) but play it with a little feeling and it'll be cool At some points in the song he just strums the chords Lyrics: To you. Sepereation, only to put it down To you. Desperation, only to be around So on, so under, misdirected in other words And always i wonder is there anything i can do for you? Anything i can do? Well i can do anything.... To some, i've been singled out, always i take your fall To some, same and broken down, All we've left is dropping around you And you know these lines they're open ended. These books were meant to be followed And your rules left to be read Is there anything i can do? I can do anything. I can do anything, it's vulgair before me Is there anything i can do? I can do anything. I can do anything Vulgair before me, Vulgair before me End
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