Candlemass – The Prophecy tab

/ The following is the author's own interpretation of the song, to be used// for private use and studying //-------------------------------------------------------------------------- CANDLEMASS - THE PROPHECY From the Album TALES OF CREATION Copyright 1989 Music For Nations
Version 1.0 - October 1997 Transcribed by: Richard Broadhead II For Questions, Comments, Corrections, or Newest Version; please contact Rich Broadhead at Check Out 's Web Page, With More Transcriptions On It: Join the death/black tab mailing list by emailing . - palm mute ~ - vibrato h - hammer on p - pull off Tuning: Eb(Eb,Ab,Db,Gb,Bb,Eb) every string down half a step Note: A nice simple song, but I love the main riff in this song, I could play it for hours on end!
Riff A|----------------------------------------||----------------------------------------||----------------------------------------| GTR I|----------------------------------------||----------------------------------------| |-5~---5~-3~-5~--1~--0~--8~-7~-8~-7~-3~--|
|----------------------------------------||----------------------------------------| |----------------------------------------| GTR II|-7~---7~-5~-7~-------10~9~10~9h10p9-----| |--------------8~--7~----------------10~-||----------------------------------------|
Play Riff A 6 times(note that GTR II might end after 2 times, but impossible (to tell, so I say play it and make it more full sounding! Play Fill 1 the last 4 times of Riff A
Fill 1 |--------------------------------||----------------5-3-5-3h5p3-----||-(2)-5-4-5-2-1--------------4~--||--------------------------------||--------------------------------||--------------------------------|
Riff B|------------------------------||------------------------------||------------------------------||---------------4--4-4-7-6-5---||-2--2-2-5-4-3--2--2-2-5-4-3---||-0--0-0-3-2-1-----------------| . . . .
Play Riff B a total of 4 times Play Riff A 4 times and on last two times play Fill 1
ENDING|-----------||--0~-------| GTR II(violently shake with whammy)|-----------||-----------||--2--------| GTR I|--0--------|
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