Candlemass – Devil Seed tab

                                                 -=[Devil Seed - Candlemass]=-
Song: Devil Seed
Band: Candlemass
Album: King of the Grey Islands
Tabbed by: TrollFaceJesus

Hey everyone, this is my tab for this awesome Candlemass song. It sounds pretty 
close to me, except for one riff in the middle which I'm not absolutely sure 
about (which is "riff 7" in the tab; you'll see it when you get there.) Aside 
from that little part, I'm pretty confident that this is all right. I also didn't 
tab the solo, so... yeah. Sorry about that. Hopefully this tab is good enough to 
get you guys started though, and I hope that it proves to be useful. If you guys 
have any comments, questions, or corrections to address, please don't hesitate to 
leave a comment, or send me an email! :D

Tuning: C# [C#, F#, B, E, G#, c#]

Riff 1a (Starts at 0:00)|---------------||---------------||---------------| x3|---------------||--2--3---------||--------3--2---|
Riff 1b (Starts at 0:13)
|--------------------||--------------------||--------------------| x1|--------------------||--2--3--------5-3---||--------3--2--------|
Riff 1a x 4
RIff 2 (Starting at 0:34)|-----------------------||-----------------------||--4--5-----------------| x4|--4--5-----------------||--2--3------------5-3--||--------3-2-3--1-------|
Riff 1a x 6 Riff 2 x 6
Riff 3a (Starts at 1:42)|---------------------------------------||---------------------------------------||---------------------------------------| x1|---------------------------------------||--------2-----1--2---------2-----1tr2--||--0--3-----3---------0--3-----3--------|
Riff 3b (Starting at 1:50)|---------------------------------||---------------------------------||---------------------------------| x1|-----------------------------2---||--------2-----1--2---5-4-2---2---||--0--3-----3---------3-2-0---0---|
Riff 3a x 1 Riff 3b x 1
Riff 4 (Starting at 2:12)|--------------------------||--------------------------||--------------------------| x3|-----------------3--2--3--||-----------------3--2--3--||--0-0000-0-0-0---1--0--1--| . .... . . .
Riff 5 (Starting at 2:26)|-----------||-----------||-----------| x3|--5--4--5--||--5--4--5--||--3--2--3--|
Riff 6 (Starting at 2:33)|---------------------------------||---------------------------------||---------------------------------| x A lot. (Play this|--2-------------2----------------| under the solo too)|--2----9--------2---------10-----||--0-------7-----0---0-0-------6--| . .
Riff 7 (Starting at 3:21)|-----------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------||--5--4--5-----------10--9--10------------| x2 [Note: I'm actually|--5--4--5--5--------10--9--10--10---8----| not 100% sure about|--3--2--3----1--7---8---7--8------7------| this part]|-----------------------------------------|
Riff 8 (Starting at 3:37)|----------------------||----------------------||--11---4----12----3---| x2|--11---4----12----3---||--9----2----10----1---||----------------------|
Riff 9 (Starting at 3:53)|--------------------||--------------------||--6---------7-------| x2|--6----4----7----3--||--4----4----5----3--||-------2---------1--|
Riff 1a x 4 Riff 2 x 6 Riff 3a x 1 RIff 3b x 1 Riff 3a x 1 RIff 3b x 1 Riff 4 x 3 Riff 5 x 3
|-----||-----||-----| Song ends on C#.|--2--||--2--||--0--|
And that's basically it! ************************************ | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note | b Bend | pb Pre-bend | br Bend release | pbr Pre-bend release | brb Bend release bend ************************************
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