Candy Butchers - Motel Mood tab

“Motel Mood” by Mike Viola guitar chords.  Tabbed by Todd Jasko.

I’m sure I missed some and oversimplified others, but this will get you playing along.  
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Notes:  Fadd9 = 3123xx, and I play Bm7 = 032x2x for this song.  Also, on a lot of the G 
at the end of the progression, you can ornament the chord to make it sound like the 
by moving your finger on the A string to D string briefly.  Try it and hopefully you’ll hear what I mean.

Standard tuning, Capo on 2nd fret

Intro:  Bm7 E Am Fmaj7 (x2)

G             C   D/F#     G
New York City has all been done
G                  C           D/F#                C
It's stretched out like a cat, sleeping in the sun
We've gotta get away from this two-footed beast
Surfing these canyons with boards nailed to his feet

Hotels are for lovers who want to relive the first time
When they discover little soap as souvenirs, they wash the dreams out of their eyes
Motels are for lovers who don't want a home away from home
Just a place to leave something down at the side of the road

Bm7     E             Am    Fmaj7  (2nd time 
is Fadd9)
Audrey, put away your heart
Put away your heart
G     C            D/F#            G
C'mon angel, let's fly out of this room
I'm in a motel mood
C'mon baby, I'll give you something to lose
G   C    D/F#       C
I'm in a motel mood

We'll sink quarters in the magic fingers 'till the old bed stalls
We'll play hide-the-maid beneath these wood-paneled walls
We'll let our tears fill the bathtub for the landlocked martyrs
Everything looks bigger underwater

C'mon baby, we'll strap your wings to my shoes
I'm in a motel mood

If your momma was around she'd wash our mouths out with soap
And if my daddy was alive, he'd string us up by this rope
So pack up our playthings, collect our marbles
And leave the roadside flowers in these Listerine bottles

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