Candy Hearts – Jawbreaker chords

Candy Hearts
Everythings Amazing And Nobody's Happy
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Key: D

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
D      xx0232
A      x02220
G      320033
Em     022000
Bb     x13331
C      x32010
F      133211
G/B    x2x003
A/C#   x476xx

Verse 1:
D A I don't want to
G Emfeel like this
G Em G I don't want to feel
A D A Glike such an idiot
A D A G AFor trusting you
D A I want to want to
G Emget out of bed
G Em G/B I want to open the door
A/C# DAnd then I want to do
A G Asomething
D A G A Bb without you
D I want to listen to
AJawbreaker with my
G Bb C friends
D A With windows down
G Bb Cin the back of the van
D I want to drive to
Aedge of the state
F I want to find a
Gbrand new place
D To hide all those
A Gfeelings I waste on
A D A G Emyou Yeah I do
G Em G/B A/C#I do
D A G Em G Em G/B A/C# Verse 2:
D A Sometimes I still
G Emwear your socks
G Em G/B A/C# Even if they don't fit me
D A G Em I know now that we don't talk
G Em G/B A/C# But I hope you think of me
D A G A D A G AAlone on your back porch
D A G A D A G A Bb Singing your favorite song
(Repeat Chorus) Outro:
D A I don't want to
G Emfeel like this
G Em G(hold) I don't want to feel
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