Red Balloon chords with lyrics by Candy Hearts - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Candy Hearts – Red Balloon chords

Candy Hearts
Red Balloon
Ripped Up Jeans And Silly Dreams
2010 Kind Of Like Records
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Key: B

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
B - x24442
E - 022100
A - x02220

Intro: Drumbeats

Verse 1:
BI'm a receipt for a
E B Edollar can of pop
B Ea ticket stub or
B Ecigarette butt
A Esomething someone
B E B Ethrows away
Verse 2:
BYou're the chorus
E B Eto my favorite song
B Ethe flashing lights
B Eand siren alarms
A Esomething someone
B Ewould listen to
A E B E B ENo one ever listens to me
Verse 3:
B EYou're an open door
B Eor a lightswitch
B Eand sometimes I know
B Ethat I'm this huge bitch
A Esomeone you wouldn't
B E B Ewant to talk to
Verse 4:
BI'm the seam at the
E B Eside of your shirt
B Ea misplaced comma
B Eor mild sunburn
A Esomething no one
B Epays attention to
A EEveryone knows
B E B Ewho you are
A You're the string
E(hold)of a red balloon
A something someone
E(hold) B E B Ewould hold on to
A You're the string
E(hold)of a red balloon
A E(hold) so I'm gonna hold on
B E B E B E B E B(hold)to you
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