Candyskins – Wembley tab ver. 2

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Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 17:15:56 GMT
From: Mark Titchener 
Subject: c/candyskins/wembley.crd

Song: Wembley
Artist: Candyskins
Album: Fun

This is basically a few revisions to the
original chord transcript from the OLGA by

With the addition of the guitar solo:
tabbed by Paul Titchener:


G --4-- --3--
----- ----- -1--- --2--
C ----- 1----
Intro: G Cadd9 Am C Verse 1: G Cadd9 Here's a song from me to you, Am C I hope you understand me. G Cadd9 I can't forget that day we met, Am C I loved you oh-so madly. G Cadd9 And all the things I used to do, Am C I gave them up so gladly - well, Chorus 1: Am C D Yes I love you. Am C D Well I think I love you. Am C D Let's just say, Bm G There's something in your smile. Verse 2: G Cadd9 Do you remember getting drunk, Am C On Uncle Derek's brandy. G Cadd9 We were sick, yeah we were young, Am C I wanted you so badly. Chorus 1 Guitar Solo: G Cadd9 Am C x4 Chorus 1 Verse 3: G Cadd9 Tell me why you spoke to him, Am C You shouldn't be so friendly. G Cadd9 My violent temper strikes again, Am C I need you to defend me. G Cadd9 Am It's 1966 again - a love as big as C Am C WEMBLEY - WEMBLEY - TELL ME Chorus 2: D Yes I love you. Am C D I've always loved you - Am C D let's just say, Bm G There's something in your smile. Outro: G Cadd9 Am C x2 G Cadd9 Am C In your smile... G Cadd9 Am C Smile... G Key to symbols: p Pull off h Hammer on ~ Vibrate the note / Slide up \ Slide down ^ Bend note up one Guitar Solo:
G Cadd9 Am CE------------------------------------------------------------|B-15--15--15--15--17--15--15\--------------------------------|G------------------------------------------------------------|D-----------------------------10-9--10-9--10-9--12-----------|A---------------------------------------------------10--10\--|E------------------------------------------------------------|
G Cadd9E------------------------------------------------------------|B------------------------------------------------------------|G------------------------------------------------------------|D--5h7p5--7^--7^p5--5h7--------------------------------------|A----------------------h5--5---------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------------------|
Am C G Cadd9E------------------------------------------------------------|B------------------------------------------------------------|G--4--4--5--4--7--7--0--0------------------------------------|D--5--5--5--5--5--5--5--5---9-9--10-10p9--12-12--14-14p12----|A------------------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------------------|
Am C G Cadd9E------------------------------------------------------------|B--19--17--15--17---------4h5h7--4h5h7--4h5h7--4h5h7--4h5h7--|G-----------------14~----------------------------------------|D------------------------------------------------------------|A------------------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------------------|
Am CE------------------19----------19----------------------------|B-4h5h7---------15----17----15----17~\-----------------------|G---------16-16----------16----------------------------------|D----------------------------------------7^p5----------------|A------------------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------------------|
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