Candyskins - Feed It tab

Artist:  Candyskins
Song:  Feed it
Tabbed by:  Isaiah MacMenami

I noticed that only the bass tab to this song had been submitted,
so I decided to spread my "wealth" of knowledge and let eveyone in to
my dark little secret..."I know the guitar tab to this song"  In any
case here we go!  I'm like 90% sure this is right.

Intro/verses: (strum each chord like 16 times!)e--2---2---|B--3---3---|G--2---4---|D--0---0---|A----------|E----------|
Guitar solo: (I've just posted the chord progressionunder the organ, or whatever instrument that is...)e--0---3---0---1-----------|B--1---3---0---1-----------|G--0---0---1---2-----------|D--2---0---2---3-----------|A--3---2---2---3-----------|E------3---0---1-----------|
Well, I think that's pretty much it. You'll have to listen for the strumming patterns, I didn't really want to take the time to write it all out. But I think I've laid down the foundation for it. I don't have a guitar with me right now and I'm going just from memory so if there are any mistakes (i.e. left out chords) just post your rendition of this tab! Well, I hope you enjoy it! -Isaiah
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