Cannibal Corpse - Evisceration Plague tab

Im Jake
E-mail me for any questions at
This is the only evisceration plague tab on the entire internet
sorry its not all the way done
but at least i got a kind of start
i know this isnt 100% correct
but with the standard tuning on my jackson rhoads v
(i hate tuning my guitar down because i got the double locking trem.)
it sounds just like the song
Here goes nothing
(This is for G1 and G2)

Intro P.1

P.M.- ...
P.M.- ... Intro P.2
e|-------------------------|b|-------------------------|g|-------------------------|d|-------------------------|Play Twicea|---1p0-000000------------|e|---1p0-000000-5555-888---|
P.M.- ...... ....
e|-----------------------------|b|-----------------------------|g|-----------------------------|d|-----------------------------|a|---1p0-000000----------------|e|---1p0-000000-6666-111111----| (these are elevens)P.M.- ...... ....
Well Thats all i got so far ill keep working at it Please Rate!!!!
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