Cannibal Corpse – The Undead Will Feast tab

"The Undead Will Feast" by Cannibal Corpse
Off of the album "Eaten Back To Life"
Tabbed by Chris Rezendes

This is definitely one of my faves, and I simply had to know how to play 
it.  So I created this tablature to help record my progress on 
deciphering it and to give everyone else the main idea of the song.
Some parts are bound to be wrong, and corrections and/or comments are 
welcome and encouraged.  They can be sent to 
Since I find that on most Cannibal Corpse songs only the bottom four 
strings are needed, the top two will be omitted to keep things simple.

Tune to a drop Db (which means to tune to a dropped D and then tune half 
a step down).

Also, I normally allow the reader to decide when to palm mute, but in 
the situation of riffs 1 and 3, a heavy palm mute is necessary or it 
sounds like shit.  The heavy palm mute is indicated by a ^ under the 
notes that should be muted.

Main Riff--------------------------------------------------------------------------6-----------6-5-3-000-5-000-6---------
Riff 1----------------------------------------------------------3--------------------------------------------------------------------3-------------------------------------------------------------------1----------2p1-11000000-2p1-11000000-4455-2p1-11000000-2p1-11000000-----------
^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ Riff 2-----------------------------------------------------------------------2-2-1---------0-2-0-4-0-3-0--------------
Ending 1---------------------------------------------------------1-0-1-0-1-0-6-0-------------1-0-1-0-1-0-6-0------------
Riff 3----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------0h1---------------------2p1-10000000-2p1-10000000-2p1-10000000-----00000000-----------
^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ Riff 4A----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1-0-0-1-0-0-6h7p6-1h2p1---------
Riff 4B----------------------------------------------6h7p6----------------------------------6h7p6----------1-0-0-1-0-0---------------------
Play order- Main Riff x8 Riff 1 x4 Main Riff x8 Riff 1 x4 Riff 2 x8 Ending 1 x1 Riff 3 x2 Ending 1 x1 Riff 3 x2 Ending 1 x1 Main Riff x2 Riff 1 x1 Main Riff x2 Riff 1 x1 Riff 4A x4 Riff 4B x4 Riff 4A x8 Ending 1 x1 Riff 3 x2 Ending 1 x1 Riff 3 x2 Ending 1 x1
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