Cannibal Corpse – Bloody Chunks tab

Song: Bloody Chunks
Artist: Cannibal Corpse
Album: Eaten Back to Life (1990)

Tabbed by Chris Rezendes (

Tuning: Half step down

Notation Key
v: vibrato
t: tremolo bar
^: bend
.: palm mute
~: trill
p: pull-off
h: hammer-on
x: ghost note
/: slide up
\: slide down

Comments:  Funny little song.  The lyrics are hilarious.  The riffs are kind of funny to listen to as well.  Or course, everything seems funny to me right now because it's 3 AM, I can't sleep, and I have a temperature of 102.5.  That's pretty funny too, now that I think of it.  The tab might be off a little bit given my sickened state, but it seems precise to me.  If you spot a mistake, please point it out to me or send me the correction.  Later.

Fig. 1 x6e|-------------------|B|-------------------|G|-------------------|D|--2h3p2------------|A|--------2h3p2-4-5--|E|--------------2-3--|
Fig. 2 x8 (Walking down the street, the smell of death in the air...)e|------------------------|B|------------------------|G|------------------------|D|------------------------|A|-------------------4-5--|E|--0-1-2-0-1-2-7\-0-2-3--|
Riff 1 x8 (Or what was left of one, pieces in a bag...)e|--------------------------------|B|--------------------------------|G|--------------------------------|D|---------------------3/4/5/6/7--|A|--5\-00--5\-00-5\-00------------|E|--------------------------------|
Repeat Fig. 1 x8 Repeat Fig. 2 x4
Riff 2 x4 (The evil inside me gives me the strength to kill at will...)e|----------------------------|---------------------------|B|----------------------------|---------------------------|G|----------------------------|---------------------------|D|-----------------------3~5--|---------------------------|A|--5\-00--5\-00--5\-00-------|--5\-00--5\-00--5\-00-4-5--|E|----------------------------|----------------------2-3--|
Repeat Fig. 1 x8 Repeat Fig. 2 x4
Fig. 3 x2 (I see it in your eyes the fear that keeps me alive...)e|-------------------|-------------------|B|-------------------|-------------------|G|-------------------|--4-5-----4-5------|D|--3-4-----3-4------|--2-3-4-5-2-3-4-5--|A|--1-2-4-5-1-2-4-5--|------2-3-----2-3--|E|------2-3-----2-3--|-------------------|
Repeat Fig. 1 x4 Repeat Fig. 2 x6
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