Capital Cities - Safe And Sound chords version 1

			     Safe and Sound - Capital Cities
Tabbed by:FeelTheMusic2


Chord Progression: F-C-Am-G

F CI could lift you up
AmI could show you what you want to see
Gand take you where you want to be
F CYou could be my luck
AmEven if the sky is falling down
GI know that we'll be safe and sound
F CI could fill your cup
AmYou know my river won't evaporate
GThis world we still appreciate
F CYou could be my luck
AmEven in a hurricane of frowns
GI know that we'll be safe and sound
F CI could show you love
AmIn a tidal wave of mystery
GYou'll still be standing next to me
F CYou could be my luck
AmEven if we're six feet underground
GI know that we'll be safe and sound
Trumpet part for guitare|--12----------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------10-10-12-13-15---------12-13-15------------------------------|G|-----------------------12-12----------------------------------------|D|--------------------------------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------|
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