Captain Beefheart – When Big Joan Sets Up tab

Tabbed by:Andrei'numb82'

This is probably the best blues rock son ever by the legendary captain beefheart: This 
has only one main riff that consists of a small breakdown that has random sliding and 
played between the sung phrases the lyrics are at the bottom.


Tuning:standardmain(sect 1) riff played twice played extremely fast so take your time learning if using but try to use bottleneck.all sliding the 'D'string should be one swift movement 7 and 9e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------9------7-------7--------------------------------------------------------------|D|---7/9-----9\7-----5/7----7------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|main(sect 2) riff played 4 times all should be played swiftly.
these are played during the breakdown between the phrases(sometimes played during the phrases.e|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--x/x------------x/x------------------------------------------------------------------|G|--x/x------9-----x/x-----10-----------------------------------------------------------|D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
lyrics: Hoy hoy When Big Joan comes out Her arms are too small Her head like uh ball She tied off her horse 'n galloped off into the moonbeams She pulled up her blouse 'n compared her navel to the moon I dig my life for uh while When Big Joan sets up Her hands are too small She's too fat t' go out in the daylight So she rolls around all night I'm just sorta thread With uh drooped body I'll set up with yuh Big Joan I'm too fat t' go out In the daylight I'll stay up all night I won't droop if you Won't talk about your Hands bein' too small You know something's happenin' Or you wouldn't of come out like yuh did She ain't built for goin' naked So she can't wear any new clothes Or go t' the beach They laugh at her body Cause her hands are too small When Big Joan sets up her hands are too smal l She's outta reach Uh turquoise scarf 'n uh sleeve Rolled up over uh Merc Montclair I'll sit up with yuh Big Joan I'm too fat to go out in the daytime I'll stay up all night If yuh promise not t' talk About yer hands bein' too small Hoy hoy is she uh boy?
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