Carbon Leaf - The Boxer tab

 "The Boxer" (Privett)

 Transcribed from (far superior)
 acoustic version on Seattle radio.
 Song first appeared on "Echo Echo" (2001)

 Remember to tune the low E down to D.

 Intro: D Dsus4| D5 Dsus4| D x2

      D                               G      D
 mmm, Couldn't ask for a better night,two by two
                          G          D
 to the ring to the right point of view
                                     G          D
 we each return to the corner that's defined by you

 to the ring to the right, point of

 D A G A|
 D    A G  A  D    A      G  A        
 Lonely Reign, she is the boxer, she knows
 D         A        G   *      D  A      G   A            
 when and where to strike, and he is the boxer,
          D    A       G     A   D
 he knows no peaceful sleep tonight 

 intro, with whistle and bodhran, * 

 caught the downfall of Jack and Jill,Ryan too
 he did not approve of Ceilidh's moves
 Doctor Mike was flight or flight at Dundrum School
 to the ring to the right point of

 Bridge: Em A...

 G     A     Em   G           Em  A
 No return,no passion left to burn
 Em  A      G    A     Em       A  
 the boxers grow weary, their eyesight
                  D  A G A 
 blurry, blurry, view  

 CHORUS, Intro (with whistle) 

 All's quiet on the front, smokey room
 boxer standing tall,peering through
 finding no one left to fight,what to do?
 to the ring to the right point of view 

 CHORUS with:

 We are the boxers, we know, no 
 peaceful sleep tonight

 lonely reign X3

 whistle solo over chorus chords,
 end on D

 *the recurring descending riff is
 simply the low E (dropped to D)
 and D strings descending in 
 unison from the fifth fret to
 open position. (Notes would be

 chord shapes:

     222000    020033     000235
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