Carbon Leaf – What About Everything tab

			     What About Everything?- Carbon Leaf
Tabbed by:oriolesazb

Tuning: standard


Verse Continue to use intro riff while chords are like this: Ab Db Holiday quiet on these streets, except for some stubborn leaves Bbm Ab That didn't fall with the fall, and now they clatter in vain Db Holiday sky. Midnight clear. Wind is high, hard to steer Bbm Ab Old muffler rumbles like an old fighter plane Ab Db In search of some rest. In search of a break Bbm Ab From a life of tests where something's always at stake Where something's always so far Db What about my broken car? Bbm What about my life so far? Eb5 What about my dream? What about..... Chorus Db Ab What about everything? Fm Eb What about aeroplanes? Db Ab Fm And what about ships that drank the sea? What about... Db Ab What about the moon and stars? Fm Eb What about soldier battle scars Db Ab Eb And all the anger that they eat? F Eb Ab I am not in need. Verse 2 Ab Get away and come with me. Db Come away with me and we'll see Bbm Ab If I was right on that night, that a future was made Db Before time takes each year, like a knife cuts it clear Bbm Ab It's school, then work and then life that just sharpens the blade Db I think about time for fun. I think about time for play Bbm Ab Then I think about being done, with no resume With no one left to blame Db What about fortune and fame? Eb5 What about your love to obtain? What about the ring? What about.... Chorus
Verse 3 Ab Db Holiday quiet on these streets, except for some reason me Bbm Ab The hometown harbor lights bright, the sailboats clatter in vain Db Holiday sky. Midnight clear. Wind is high on this pier Eb5 I find it hard to complain when compared with what about... Outro Chorus chords Guitar licks are as follows After...And what about ships that drank the sea?
After...And all the anger that they eat?
After...What about gold beneath the sea?
e|------------------------|B|-------16---------------|G|-13/15----15-13---------|D|----------------18-15-18|A|------------------------|E|------------------------|End On Ab
| / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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