Carbon Leaf - One Prairie Outpost tab

                       Carbon Leaf - One Prairie Outpost

Song: One Prairie Outpost
Artist: Carbon Leaf
Tabbed By: Josh B.

It is useful to play this song using a capo on the second fret,
allowing the introduction to be played using open strings.

Play this during the introduction and verses: Eb Cmin Bbsus2 = Chord forms (relative to capo) F * ** Dmin Csus2 = Actual chordse||---3-33---------------------3-33----1---11--------|B||---4-44---------------------4-44----1---11--------|G||---3-33-------0h1-0---------5-55----3---33--------|D||-1-1-11---1h3---------3-----5-55----3---33--------|A||--------------------------3-3-33--1-1---11--------|E||--------------------------------------------------|
***: the 3 on the 1st string in the first chord is optional. I prefer the sound of playing it, but you can also just mute the string if the fingering is a stretch for you. I'm fairly sure carbon leaf plays it with the 3rd. Chords for Chorus: (relative to capo) Ab: 466544 (actually a Bb) Bb: 688766 (actually a C) Cmin: x35543 (actually a Dm) Gmin: 355333 (actually an Am) Chorus: Ab Bb Cmin Scene after scene passes by my life Ab Gmin Bb The window's a wound. The road is a knife Ab Bb Cmin The irony, ask me, 'where have you been?' Ab I don't know, I don't know Gmin Gmin Bb Because I don't know where to begin
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