Carbon Leaf - One Prarie Outpost tab

This is completeting the tab posted by sandrok


Intro / Verse:

e|-----2--------------------2--------------|b|-----3--------------------3-------2------|g|-----2---------0----------4-------2------|d|--0-----0h2h4----0--------4-------2------| a|----------------------2---2---0---0------|E|-----------------------------------------|
D Bm A D Bm A D Not been here since I was a boy Bm A D The sky unwrapped, the world my toy Bm A D A movie reel a million miles long Bm A On and on... G A Bm Scene after scene passes by my life G F#m A The window's a wound. The road is a knife G A Bm The irony, ask me, 'where have you been?' G I don't know, I don't know F#m A D Because I don't know where to begin (intro riff) Continues with same pattern Bridge: Bm Bm A A Bm Bm F#m A (x2)' End on D
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