Carcass - Burnt To A Crisp tab

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                              Burnt to a Crisp

Burnt to a Crisp
(Tune down 2.5 steps to B)

Thanks to my brother for some of this...|----------------------| This is the main riff under the latter portion of|----------------------| the 1st verse.|----------------------||-----4----------------||-2---2---3--5-6-5--3--||-0-------1--3-4-3--1--| q q e s s e e
Later on in the song: (vocals here)|-----------------|----------------|-----------------|------------------||-----------------|----------------|-----------------|------------------||*----------------|---------------*|*----------------|-----------------*||*----------3-----|-----------3---*|*----------------|----------6------*||-----------1-5-3-|-----------1-5--|----------5--6-8-|----------4--5-8--||-0-000-000---3-1-|-0-000-000---3--|-0-000-00-3--4-6-|-0-000000----3-6--| e sse sse e e e e sse sse e q e sse ss q e e e ssssss q e e
Outro:|------------------|-------------------|----------|------------------||------------------|-------------------|----------|------------------||*-----------------|------------------*|----------|------------------||*---------3-------|---------3--------*|----------|------------------||--2---5---1---3-3-|-2---5---1---3333--|-2--------|-3--5-6-5--3--2---||--0---3-------1-1-|-0---3-------1111--|-0--------|-1--3-4-3--1--0---| q q q e e q q q ssss w e s s e e e
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