Carcass – Lavaging Expectprate Of Lysergide tab

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               Lavaging Expectorate of Lysergide Composition tabs

Lavaging Expectorate of Lysergide Composition
(Tune down 2.5 steps to B)

Don't laugh at this. I'll put more of the song up some time later... I'dappreciate any suggestions when it comes to the tremolo picked part of thisintro bit--it's tough to pick up, but this is what I got after listening to thealbum and studying the way they play it live. Intro:|------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------||------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------||------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------||-------------7/10-|---------10\7-----|-------------7/10-|-------------7/10-||---------6/9-5/8--|----------8\5-9\6-|---------6/9-5/8--|-8755--------5/8--||-0-000-0-4/7------|-0-000-0------7\4-|-0-000-0-4/7------|-----76440000-----| e sse e e e e e sim. sssssssssssse e
The next riff is obviously an E5 Bb5 F5 type progression which I'll elaborate on later.
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