Carcass - Oxidised Razor Masticador tab

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                         Oxidised Razor Masticator tabs

Oxidised Razor Masticator
(Tune down 2.5 steps to B)

This may well be my all-time favourite Carcass track, and it's a definite
classic... I plan on learning it over Christmas, because I'm not sure what I
have here is entirely correct, but it's a blast to play anyway!  oh yeah, the
intro is wrong....

Intro (4x)|-----------------|-----------------||-----------------|-----------------||-----------------|-----------------||---------3-6-3---|---------6---3---||-2-2-2-2-3-6-3---|-2-2-2-2-6---3---||-0-0-0-0-1-4-1---|-0-0-0-0-4---1---| e e e e e e q e e e e q q
Chorus:"Salivation--sanguis, phlegm, froth, and foamMasticating--your mandible stripped to the bone"|---------------------|-------------------||---------------------|-------------------||---------------------|-------------------||---------------------|-------------------||---------------------|-44444444----------||-0000-7777-6666-3333-|----------33333333-| ssss sim.
"Gaping and sore..."|------------------|---------------| Let the G5/Bb5 chords ring while|------------------|---------------| strumming them...|------------------|---------------||------4\3---------|-3-3-----------||-2----2\1-5-5-----|-1-1-----4--3--||-0-00-----3-3-----|---------2--1--| e ss e e e q. e q. q q
|---------------------|-------------------| These last two beats are|---------------------|-------------------| played as quarter notes the|---------------------|-------------------| last time...|---------------------|-------------------||------7777-----------|-55554444----------||-0000------4444-3333-|----------22221111-| ssss sim. ^44433 etc?
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