Cardiacs - Fairy Mary Mag chords

As always, Cardiacs song structure is generally mindbending and really difficult 
to tab up or chord-up as i have tried here. I am pretty sure what i have done is 
accurate, but the piece with the little girl singing " I will tear the secret..." 
etc might not be 100% but seems to fit quite well.
Please, if you find out the exact chords for this, update this as you wish :)

I tried my best to sit the chord changes exactly over the part of the word that 
Tim sings at that moment, to help, but sometimes the webpage will re-arrange 
everything and sit chords willy-nilly over the top of the text, so i hope it's as i wrote !

The chords at the end of each verse, sound better if used as a part-chord 
shape, as it were. G(E3,A2,D0) - G/F#(E2,A2,D0) - E(E0,A2,D2,G1)

Have fun, should be easy to play through this one :)

intro chords

A, G, C, A, 
E, C, A, G,
C, A, E, C

A GDon't do anything just stand there
C A EHolding the light with man and boy shakin' all hands
G C E G G/F# E G G/F# E If I were a bad dog you'd all be dead....
A G Six big strong boys from the land
C A EChewed off a piece of Mary Magdalenes arms
G C E G G/F# E G G/F# E While guard-ians wailed 'Oh for shame! For shame!'
G A F A# D B F# D E F#I will tear the se--cret from your
middle instrumental bit (chords) A, G, C, A, E, C, A, G, C, A, E, C
A GAnd come boys out from the hat!
C AI cannot see your feet!
ECome on my lucky lads!
G C E G G/F# E G G/F# EYou don't want to live forev-er!....
A G C As I live and breathe as'if in danger or as if in doubt
A E(Ran in circles screaming 'SHOU(t)!')
G C E G G/F# E G G/F# E If I were a bad dog you'd all be dead...
G A F A# D B F# E F#(Crucified) I thought you were
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