Cardiacs - Arnald tab

			     ARNALD - Cardiacs

Tabbed by: The Mop™
From the album "On Land And In The Sea"

This ones quite easy and a lot of fun :)

Intro (crotchet beats shown below)

1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
D     C F     A


A D  A D   C F   C F

A  D     AD   C   F    CF
To steal away and then decide
A  D    A  D   C   F    CF
Is cake on top and real inside
A  D A D   C   F     C F
Appreciate and leave behind
A   D    A  D    C   F    C  F
The love is bad, the love is kind

A D  A D   C F   C F

Duty, command, and mystery
A shout, and all of history
And never really thought about
Probed in depth and forgot about


   A#   Am F G  (Riff 1)
To fall on evil days
      A#   G  C     A
Troop home to grots and caves

Riff 1 A G Ae---------------------|B---------------------|G---------------------|D---------------5b----|A---------------------|E--5--5-5-3-5---------|
Intro Verse The latest spade to build a moat A ship to mend and send afloat And all the fishes in the sea Around the sides of my country Will follow ship to where she lies And close in fruitless sleep her eyes And disconnect and comfort me Safe in the arms of my country Chorus Her water slips from high And peels me where I lie Solo (played by the sax on the CD, but on guitar also live)
A D A D C F C F A D A D C F C Fe--------------------------5-------------|B----------------------------7-----------|G----7----7--5-----------7-----7-5--4----|D--7----7------7--5----7--------------7--|A-------------------8--------------------|E----------------------------------------|
A D A D C F C F A D A D C F C Fe---------------------------5--------------|B------------5-6--------------7------------|G----7----7-------5------7-------7-5--4----|D--7----7-----------7--7----------------7--|A------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------|
Bridge (As intro) 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 C# B E G# Verse Troop home to silent grots and caves Troop home and mimic as you go The mourning winding of the waves Which to their dark abysses flow and Chorus Out her water that sweats from very up high Peels me where I lie (end on D)
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