Cardigans - Carnival Acoustic chords


Em9 Em9 D Dsus2Carnival came by my town today bright lights from
Em9 Em9 D Dsus2giant wheels fall on the alleyways and I'm here
Emadd9 Daug Bm by my door wating for you
Em9 A7I will never know
Dsus2 Bm cause you will never show
Em9 A7come on and love me now
Dsus2 Bmcome on and love me now
Em9 A7 come on and love me now (the part just before chorus)
[bridge/solo] -------- SAME AS CHORUS ! Em9 Dsus2 Em7 Daug Bm
-2- -0- -0- -x- -2---3- -3- -3- -3- -3---0- -2- -0- -3- -4---2- -0- -2- -4- -4---2- -x- -2- -5- -2---0- -x- -0- -x- -x--
Emadd9 A7
-2- -0--0- -2--0- -0--2- -2--2- -0--0- -x-
Good. fixed. Tab by Pablo.
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