Cardigans - After All tab

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Date: Mon, 29 Jan 1996 01:10:36 -0500 (EST)
From: Edmond Hum 
Subject: TAB: 'After All' by The Cardigans (REVISED)

after all

written by Sveningsson
music by Svensson
performed by The Cardigans
from 'Emmerdale' (acoustic guitar version)
transcribed by Edmond Hum ( - jan.28.1996

D* A* Dmaj9 C* e---2----3-----0------3----- b---3----2-----5------3----- g---0----0-----6------0----- d---2----2-----4------2----- a--------------5------3----- e---------------------------
---start--- D* A* D* A* D* A* D* A* after all you were perfectly right D* A* D* A* but I'm scaring close to insanity D* A* Dmaj9 and in a night like this C* nothing stays the same D* A* D* A* nothing looks the same D* A* D* A* after all you were perfectly right D* A* D* A* though our relation just split me in two D* A* Dmaj9 and in a night like this C* pieces fall apart D* A* D* A* visions fall apart
e--------------------------------17-16-15-14------------------------- b-----------------------------19------------------------------------- g-----------------------16-19----------------16--14------------------ d---16-17---------16-19---------------------------------------------- a---------18-19------------------------------------------------------ e--------------------------------------------------------------------
e---14-15----14------------------------------------------------------ b---------16----17-15------------------------------------------------ g-----------------------14-16-16/18-14------------------------------- d--------------------------------------16---------------------------- a-------------------------------------------------------------------- e--------------------------------------------------------------------
e-------------------------------------------------------------------- b-------------------------------------------------------------------- g------------14-14---16-16/18-16---14-16----------------------------- d---14-16-17-----------------------------16-------------------------- a-------------------------------------------------------------------- e--------------------------------------------------------------------
e-------------------------------------------------------------------- b-------------------------------------------------------------------- g---14-12-11h12p11----11---14-12-11---------------------------------- d------------------14---------------14-12---------------------------- a-----------------------------------------13-12-9h10p9--------------- e------------------------------------------------------10-slide down-
D* A* D* A* after all you were perfectly right D* A* D* A* I have never been happy before D* A* Dmaj9 and in a night like this C* you can hear the words D* A* D* A* see behind the words D* A* D* A* after all you were perfectly wrong D* A* D* A* though I thought I'd found love D* A* Dmaj9 and in a night like this C* C* nothing could be worse D* A* nothing could be worse ---end---
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