Cardigans – Heartbreaker chords

Tabbed by: Grishma Rao

Bb C Dm Am F#m G# F# A E
Bb CNo, not again
Dm AmOh, what a man
Bb C Dm AmJust who I thought that I wanted to have
Bb COh, don't do that
Dm Am Don't use that bat
Bb C Dm AmThat's all it takes to make me fall in flat
Bb CNo, not again
F#m Dm A loser I am Chorus:
A G#I love you tonight
F# EYou are my knight
Dm C F ACure and assure and make me feel alright
A G#Tomorrow you'll find
F# EI'm not around
Dm C but don't be uptight
F Acause I loved you last night
Bb CVacant and free
Dm Amyeah, that is me
Bb C Dm AmJust tell me how and I'll please you for free
Bb CTell me I'm good
Dm AmI know I'm bad
Bb C Dm AmLies make me feel fine although it is sad
Bb COh, not again
F#m DmNot one more man
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