Carissas Wierd - A Bathtile Green tab

                       A Bathtile Green - Carissa's Wierd
Tabbed by: Erik Silkensen

Tuning: Standard

Capo I

intro, verse:E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|--1------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|-----------3--------2----0--------2----------------------------------------|G|--------3--------3-------------3-----------3-------------------------------|B|-----3--------3-------------3-----------3----------------------------------|E|--1----------------------1-----------1-------------------------------------|
there's been times not to tell and there's been lies told too many times if a strap from your shirt fell over your shoulder pull it back up and I'll look the other way now just in case the lights go dim I've heard everything that you've said and now I'm wrong now I apologize we told a couple jokes made us both laugh now they don't even seem funny anymore it's starting to feel a lot like Christmas I watched your hair make a mess of itself a bath tile green, your fingernails a comment was made but not withdrawn so now go right ahead make yourself a note and leave it out to see we told a couple of jokes made us both laugh now they don't even seem funny anymore we told a couple of jokes
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