Carissas Wierd - Sympathy Bush tab

Song: Sympathy Bush
Artist: Carissa's Wierd
Album: Scrap Book
**I didn't tab this one out, I had found it on some other site that is no longer exists.

Piano Intro:E------------------B------------------G------------------D-8---9---11--9----A----9---9---9---9-E--11--11--11--11--
Guitar Intro:E-----------------|-----------------|-777-666---------|-----------------|B-777-------------|-777-------------|---------777-----|-----------------|G-----999-888-----|-----999-888-----|-------------9-9-|-999-888-----6---|D-------------9-9-|-------------9-9-|-----------------|---------999---9-|A-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|E-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
B Ebm F# C#E---7---6---9----9--B---7---7---11---9--G---8---8---11---10-D---9---8---11---11-A---9---6---9----11-E---7------------9--
B In the daylight, every voice now, Ebm F# when you finally say, "it's over." B In the spotlight, every error, Ebm F# everything you own was stolen. B Every last thought kept in silence, Ebm F# every time you breath you're older. B Now, in your eyes, I feel this Ebm F# (cold) tears you further away. B In your eyes, I feel this cold Ebm F# and it turns me over on you B In your eyes, I feel this Ebm F# cold (and it's gonna last) forever more. B In your eyes. Guitar plays E (high one)-11-11-9-9 a bunch of times,
violin playsE---------------6-|-------------9-6-|B-6h7-6h7-6h7-9---|-6h7-6h7-6h7-----|
3 times, then playsE-6------6-9-|B--9-7-9-----|a bunch of times in a repeating pattern.
Ebm B F# C# Ebm B F# C# You should be hiding, now. Ebm B F# C# You should be hiding, now. Forever now.
Ending Guitar (note: play every note/chord three times):G-15----16-15----13-------|D-x--16-x--x--16-x--15-16-|A-13-x--14-13-x--11-x--x--|E----14-------14----13-14-|
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