Carl Barat - So Long My Lover tab version 1

			     So Long, My Lover - Carl Barat

Tabbed by: Birrell

Tuning: Standard

This song is pure gold!

Intro. Play Twicee|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---7-4-------------------------------------------------------------------|D|-5-----7---5-7-5------------5--------------------------------------------|A|-----------------7--5--5h7-----------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Intro: G D C G D Verse 1. C E We met when hope was oh so young Am Am7 I took you from that drunken bum C E And held you like some father Am Am7 And we both mourned for each other C C#7 Oh yes we were so full or hope than that you see D B7 You'd be a dancer, and a singer me C Gm7 Em You danced your dance and my sweet song was sung Vers 2. same chords. Chorus: G D C So long; my lover, It's over G D C So long; my lover, It's over G D Em So long; my lover, It's over Vers 3. similar to 1. and 2. Bridge: Am Em Fragile wings in a silver castle Am Em And love that's wrought too hard and fast Dm G I guess that's how it came to be Dm E My dancing girl skipped away from me Same Chords: I was blind i could not see The mirror cracked in front of me Am Em Darling girl please understand Cmaj Fmaj Fmaj (12th fret Bar Chord) There's no blood on your pretty hands Chorus (Key Change: Amajor) A E D So long; my lover, It's over (repeat 4 times) CHORDS TAKEN OFF OF JULLEJULLE10. I DID NOT COME UP WITH THESE CHORDS ************************************ | / slide up | \ slide down
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